About Us

My name is Ismail, and I am a Co-founder of IntelliMenk. We are a team of IT professionals building automation software for offices. With our apps, you can save your precious time, cut down on manual tasks and save money.

Mission, Vision and Future

We have a specific mission to provide our users and clients the power of automation in the field of software development to ease their workload and manual effort. Our specially crafted tools automate whole process and save precious time of our customers.

Our vision is to provide high quality softwares and quick support to overcome all the technical difficulties of our clients and it is very much clear to everyone in IntelliMenk. We have embedded the feedback module to report bugs and suggest an improvement feature in all apps so that our users can engage with us and contribute to enhance the software quality & speed.

Future is automation so we are ready to explore its all dimensions in the field of software development. New project suggestions are welcome, you can contact for custom project by email.