About Us

Intellimenk is a data-driven software solutions company that focuses on innovation in the data extraction space. We focus on increasing productivity and efficiency through our offerings while keeping costs and manual labor in check.

Intellimenk is aimed at empowering our clients with automation in software to save time. We understand that automation is a power of the future times and holds incredible potential. This is why we hold it as a base to create software for all kinds of data extraction purposes.

Our thought process behind the creation of this software is to ensure that your time and resources are saved from wasteful tasks and put to use better in helping you grow the business and take it in the right direction.

Our software is specifically designed with four things in mind, namely - Ease of access, seamlessness, speed, and quality. We create robust products in the B2B and B2C spaces to assist you with the data you need to conduct your marketing and sales outreach successfully.

Serving thousands of customers and making enhancements based on the traditional feedback route, we have been able to relate to the struggles of manual work in this era of technology and automation. This is why we could create software for automating all aspects of data scraping and collection. We have blended the benefits of automation with the seamlessness of software to help you make the best out of your productive time.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to help our clients maximize their productivity by focusing on business and leaving the manual tasks, such as data extraction, in the able hands of our software.

Intellimenk software emphasizes automating manual tasks and offering a seamless work experience for ideal results. Whether extracting data or filtering it out to reduce the noise, we are here to support you.